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So, along with the permissions post and a kink list I also have an opt out.

I am aware that Ranma is 17 years of age and thus might be against players moral character to play smut with. So if you wish to opt out of smut and just do general things, please don't hesitate to say so.

Due to the nature of Ranma's curse, he changes from Male to Female when hit with water. Either gender can and will be available for smutting. However, if there is a gender choice you'd rather not interact with, please don't hesitate to say so here as well.

Ranma is seriously OP. He doesn't hold back in a fight. So if you don't want your character beat on, let me know. Or if you do, let me know and we can work something out
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gen points: XX


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This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: Yes, I will back tag to infinity and beyond
Threadhopping: Go for it, unless the thread is locked to a specific person
Fourthwalling:  please ask first
Offensive subjects (elaborate): nothing that I can think of, but if anything comes up, I think we can discuss it like reasonable adults

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:

Hugging this character: He might try and squirm out or punch at first, but once he gets used to the idea, he'll be okay with it
Kissing this character:  Proceed with caution. If he likes you, he might accept it. If he doesn't, expect Ranma to react violently. 
Flirting with this character: go for it. he might even flirt back after an initial bit of wariness.
Fighting with this character: Please yes. Ranma is all for a good fight. Bare in mind though that he is incredibly overpowered and unless he knows you can take it, he'll be holding back a lot. We can discuss cross-canon abilities/power levels if it comes up
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Go for it. Ranma is pretty damage resistant. As long as there is no loss of limbs/death, I'm all for this
Killing this character: please no
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it.

Gender issues: Ranma has two bodies. A girl body and a boy body. He changes between them. To reflect this, I am using "He/him/his" pronouns for male and "She/Her/Hers" for female. Because of gender issues others might have, I will never inflict one or the other part of the curse on a person if they do not want to interact with her/him in that body. I will also never change genders during a sexual encounter, unless that is the wish of the one I am threading with.

Consent issues: Ranma's canon is rife with consent issues. He was forcibly engaged without his say so numerous times. There are characters that are actively and violently pursuing him in either form and at least one has tried to force himself on Ranma while Ranma was a girl (it went as expected). These themes might come up while threading with him.
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Name: Ranma Saotome
Canon: Ranma 1/2
Age: 17 - 18 (there are at least two Christmas/New Years themed chapters/episodes and he starts the manga at 16) 
Canon Point: End of series

Background Information:
To quote Ranma's "official" fiancee, "Ranma, you JERK." It's not that he's purposely mean spirited, it's more than he lacks a lot of experience with social interactions do to constantly going places to train in his art. It is shown, rather explicitly in the manga as well as the anime, that most of the interactions he has with others is somehow tied to fighting. Even when he was in elementary school and not off somewhere training, it is a school in which there were daily battles over the last specialty bread of the day. Because of this lack of normal socialization, he frequently speaks and acts without considering the consequences or other's feelings. He ends up insulting others and propping himself up in the process by taunting at sore points for them. A fine example of this is when Ranma points out that his girl form is a lot bigger chested than fiancee number 1, Akane. At lot of this comes off as immature name calling and most of the cast tends to earn some sort of insulting nickname from Ranma at some point. Happosai is "old letch", Ryoma is "clueless moron", Nibiki is "heartless bitch" and so on.

Because he wasn't socialized well as a kid, he tends to lash out verbally at others when he's in embarrassing situations. At lot of this is due to Ranma's overwhelming pride in himself. Especially in his martial arts prowess. He brags about his abilities but he is shown to actually have the skills to back his boasting. He is frequently overconfident and doesn't really rely on any sort of tactics other than "direct full frontal assault". However, he does learn from his mistakes and will take advantage of weaknesses in rematches.

Because of his pride, he really seems unable to back down from challenges, especially if the situation is serious or when his own pride has been wounded; regardless of how outclasses he might be. His first battle with Pantyhose Taro is a good example of that. Ranma was clearly outclassed, but he fought anyway. However, he has been known to refuses matches that he finds simply too ridiculous. During the Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, Ranma tried to withdraw rather than fight a monkey.

His pride also makes it so he can't really accept his defeats lightly. Part of this is because of an agreement his father made with his mother about making him a "man among men". Since a "real man" can't be a loser, he becomes preoccupied with trying to win the next fight against a strong opponent that have beaten him. It usually shows up in petty ways and he will stoop to trickery or outright cheating in rematches. This pettiness also shows a little in how he deals with people who have upset him. He generally makes an effort to try to avoid conflict through the use of disguises, trickery, and theatrics. The most obvious of his petty tricks is that he routinely uses his shapely female form, combined with a fabricated innocent persona, to convince hormonal boys to treat him to food, or buy something he is attempting to sell. Ranma also does this to setup simple traps for Happosai or as part of schemes to fool, make fun of, or play with Ryoga's feelings.

His martial arts is also a sacred duty to him. He has stated that he sees it as a martial artist's duty to protect normal people from monsters, the supernatural and similar threats, and has saved bystanders in danger of getting hurt. He has also saved each of his fiancees and even some of his rivals, such as later on in the series when he saves Herb, who had been trying to kill him up to that point.

Ranma also possesses nearly zero respect for authority figures. But when one accounts for the fact that his father routinely bartered him off as a small child, he learned to resent them. He also a low tolerance for people who try to steal from him, manipulate him, or otherwise treat him very badly, such as Nabiki or Happosai. At the same time, he can also be very forgiving and usually doesn't seem to stay mad for very long. For instance, despite that Herb severely tormented him out of sheer malevolence, he still opted to save Herb's life. 

One of Ranma's worst habits is that when preoccupied with his own thoughts or training with his father, he is generally oblivious to his surroundings. The most notable consequence of this is his accidentally kicked Ryoga into the "Spring of the Drowned Pig" while pursuing his father at the cursed springs of Jusenkyo, effectively ruining Ryoga's life even further than before. He also tends to end up stepping on peoples heads (Kuno mostly) when rushing to get to school.

Ranma is also a bit reluctant when it comes to love and feelings. It's because he's been saddled with so many unwanted suitors. In the anime, Genma (Ranma's father) trades infant Ranma to a man for rice, some fish and a couple of pickles only to steal him back once the person he was traded to was asleep. This man's daughter later shows up as a sudden fiancee. He also has Akane Tendo, as his father promised Akane's father than if he had a son, that son would marry one of Soun's daughters (so engaged before birth). Ukyo, where Ranma thought he was a boy and was only a friend and Genma stole her dowry and left her behind. (Engaged again at 5 or 6). Shampoo, a Chinese Amazon he defeated in combat (Engaged at 16 because of Amazonian Law). There are also the two Kuno siblings, who erroneously believe that he (or his girl form) belong to and love them. He effectively wants NONE OF THEM, but is too honorable to break it off. He's just too friendly, and actually cares for them (plus he sort of thinks he's a hunk, so there's that)

He's a bit rough around the edges and generally casual towards everyone. He rarely ever uses honorifics and if he does, it's generally used in a sarcastic manner (such as sempai for Kuno). As stated before, most people will gain themselves a nickname of some sort.

Ranma's female form is just like his male form. As a girl, she has the same personality traits as she is the same person. She is known to have absolutely no feminine modesty and tends to act as if she's the same. With the curse, while he loudly and vehemently wishes to become all male all the time, this has not stopped Ranma from using it to his advantage. He often uses his cursed form to hide his identity from others. (usually from Ryoga when he pretended to be Ryoga's sister to mess with him) and his own mother (because he didn't want to be forced to commit seppuku). He has used it to obtain favors from men who are attracted to her and happily goes around as a girl if the situation would benefit him somehow to be so. In the anime, he frequently gets guys to buy him ice cream parfaits and other things that he normally wouldn't be able to enjoy because eating/using them as a guy would be too embarrassing.
Ranma has two bodies. A boy body and a girl body.
Boy - he's about 5'6". He's physically built like a martial artist. He's got a long black single braid (that can't be taken down because of a strange dragon whisker soup he ate that makes his hair grow nonstop if it's removed.) His eyes are a dark grayish black
Ranma as a girl - it should be noted that girl Ranma is about 4'9". And while she is physically weaker than her boy counterpart, she's also significantly faster. She's very curvy, with a flat stomach and large breasts. She also wears her hair in a single braid though she can take it out. She's got bright red hair and blue eyes.
Note that I have journal icons for both male and female types and I will be using those as well as he/she pronouns to denote when the curse is activated.
-Aqua-induced polymorphic curse - Ranma fell into the cursed spring of drowned girl. He is cursed to change sex to female when hit with cold water and reverts back to male when hit with hot. The amount of water varies, but it seems that even a light sprinkle or a splash from a water ladle will trigger the change
-Extreme stubbornness which leads to damage reduction (not normally a power, but in his case, it's definitely one) since he doesn't know when to stay down. He's depicted as taking a lot of damage and getting right back up and continuing to fight. He is seen taking hit that could kill a normal man and shrugging them off.
-Rapid healing. - Ranma is shown taking the aforementioned hits, getting bandaged up and being okay within days, when he should still be heavily injured
-Extreme speed - (see Katchuu Tenshin Amaguirken) - Ranma is shown to be incredibly fast. He can throw 100s of punches in a few seconds and is able to dodge rapid attacks with ease
-Extreme strength - While not physically the strongest character in the series (Ryoga has the dubious honor) Ranma has been shown to be able to able to pick up and throw boulders six or seven times his size. He has also lifted Ryoga's one ton umbrella with one hand.
-The ability to taunt opponents into a blind fury (see Hiryu Shouten Ha) - well not an ability, he is very good at finding those things that annoy people and insulting the hell out of it.
-Incredibly skilled martial artist and learns new techniques and fighting skills insanely quickly. He has trained in multiple types of (frankly ridiculous) martial arts including Martial Arts Figure Skating, Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, Martial Arts Calligraphy, Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics, Martial Arts Cheerleading, etc. Most of these styles he learns in the span of a few days and manages to beat Masters. His primary form of martial arts is the Musabetso Kakutou Ryu (Anything Goes Martial Arts)
Specific Martial Arts Techniques
Katchuu Tenshin Amaguirken (Rapid Fire Bullet Punch/ Imperian Roasting Chestnut fist) - By repeatedly striking with bare hands into an open flame in an effort to retrieve roasting chestnuts. This boosts striking speed to the point where they can not only do it without being burned but can also strike a target hundreds of times in a matter of seconds

Hiryuu Shouten Ha (Rising Dragon Ascension) -The technique is based on a clash of temperatures. The user develops a "soul of ice", to void himself of emotions. He then attempts to lead the opponent in a circular motion, creating a spiral of opposing temperature chi or battle aura. The user than makes a corkscrew uppercut strike, while maintaining an ice-cold aura. The pressure difference from the collision of hot and cold forms a chi-laced tornado that carries off the opponent.  He has variations of this, such as a blast and an ice version which freezes the opponent

Mako Takashiba ( Fierce Tiger Blast) - Ki is generated by emotions in Ranma 1/2. Ranma's ki attack is powered by Ranma's confidence (read ego) and is unleashed in small destructive blasts.

Neko Ken (Cat fist) - using a truly sadistic training method that involved tying Ranma up with food and tossing him into a pit of starving cats (and then repeated numerous times because it gave Ranma the fear of cats...) when his fear of cats overwhelms him, he goes insane and mentally becomes a cat himself. In this state, he can shred anything with the swipe of his "paw" and assumes even greater agility, flexibility and speed. He is also easily distracted by things like balls of yarn, feathers, etc. He can go back to normal if his curse is activated or if he sleeps on the lap of someone he trusts.


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